Feminism vs New Wave Feminism

More than five thousand years ago, humans lived and worked together to ensure the survival of each member of a particular society. The introduction of personal property, capitalism, hierarchies, and the class/caste systems within a predominantly patriarchal push has since resulted in the abuse and oppression of women world wide. We shifted from egalitarian societies of hunters and gatherers to societies of rich folks and their slaves. Reverence for women shifted to fear, and the need to control that which was feared. Oppression, abuse, and submissive tendencies appear to be deeply ingrained in our psyche because they are.

The suffragettes paved the way, followed by an influx of independent women determined to carry on the torch. We did it. When sexual assault happens, we have recourse. When abuse happens, we have recourse. When we want something, all we need to do is set our minds to it and get what we need. Yes, abuse happens still. Yes, women need to continually push forward with progress. But do we need to do it at the expense of the men in our lives?

A feminist is someone who recognizes that injustice happens, and acts to correct those wrongs. A new wave feminist (NWF) would seemingly seek to destroy all men, save for those who exhibit every manner of feminine qualities. Well ladies, if your aim was to emasculate the male population, you get a win on that one. The truth is, we stole their role. It is the male of the species that is to be the flowery, showy, pretty ones, and the females just be themselves, even if that self is a plain brown and white duck. Not anymore. We took their makeup, their dresses, their heels, their wigs, and their belly rings and made them our own. Now, any male wishing to dress the old ways is either ridiculed for their choices, or worse, ostracized in public by their own families.

We gawk when Hollywood shows us the coveted “V” (that part of the male torso that leaves us all too stupid to think) yet balk when the female body is used for fantasy. There are so many double standards with NWF that I don’t know what it means to be a feminist anymore. What are we fighting for, really? We can be stay at home moms, or choose a career, or do both. No one can touch us. We are unbeatable in our efforts, and heaven help anyone who tries to stop us. But what is the true cost? What have we lost in our lust for control? The fact that we are simply humans, trying to get by. It’s lost on us. Or, at least, lost on the NWF’s. So, my fellow women, you have a choice to make. You can wallow in your self pity because you don’t like the cards that you were dealt, you can fold, or you can bluff your way right to where you want to be. It’s up to you, no man is holding you down or stopping you. Just know that you have created monsters, and these monsters will rise until a superhero is needed to take over and control things. And quite frankly, I am hoping that superhero doesn’t shave her eyebrows, cut her bangs too short, then bitch about how she isn’t accepted in society.

Oh, that might be the wine talking….


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